The Eyeshadows are a bunch of renegades who were sick of the public's attitude of conformity of "what a band is suppose to sound like" and "gee - that's been done before." The Eyeshadows play what they wanna play and they worship every charring note.

This power-pop-punk trio, based out of Silver Lake, California, assault instruments, whatever and whoever are in ear's length. Dawn Laureen (bassist/vocalist - Pink Sabbath, Whatever, Sex With Lurch) has been the backbone of The Eyeshadows since their inception in 2000. As heard on Rodney Bingenheimer's KROQ show "Rodney On The Rock" and KXLU radio, her sultry vocals and slightly vicious lyrics on songs like "So What", "Pretend", and "Anything" (co-written with the legendary Frank Infante - guitarist of Blondie/Iggy Pop), have become a signature of this punk pop rock girl band. Tansy Alexander is the guitar goddess slamming notes to the the wall of sound with her searing guitar. Drummer Evan Urkofsky (Abe Lincoln Story) punks it out on the skins. Ripping up Hollywood stages like The Viper Room during the Malibu Surfrider Foundation - KROQ night, the Pretty Ugly Club, the Seattle Rock R Girl Music Conference, Vegas, SXSW and the islands of Hawaii with relentless vengeance, The Eyeshadows can best be described as Silver Lake meets Disneyland promising fun at ramped speed for the heart and soul...ready to char the eardrums of anyone who dares to open themselves up to the slamming wall of sound.

Listen and if your still conscious afterwards,

let us know.

For booking or more info contact: Dawn Laureen, PO BOX 29126, LA CA 90029
CALL 310-281-6072 or send